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May we live simply by the reliance on the power of the Holy Name of Allah.  Who Is Complete Love, Overflowing with Compassion and Grace.  May our spontaneous praise and gratitude be directed to Allah Alone, the Ultimate Source of the unfolding of all worlds, Allah Who Is Complete Love, Overflowing with Compassion and Grace and Who Is Master of the spiritual discipline of all beings, bringing them all to their time of Truth. Only to You, O Allah, do we offer the full commitment of our lives and from Your Infinite Power alone do we seek the strength that we need.  Lead us not along the circuitous path of those who are wondering away from their Source, but lead us along the direct path of the Highest Illumination, the Path of Return traveled by those saints and sages who have been blessed by awakening fully into Your Holy Presence. Ya Allah.  Ya Allah.  Ya Allah.  

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 "Meditators become like 'ambassadors of the Universe,' whose mission is to display the qualities of the Divine King or Queen to whom they have dedicated their lives in eternal service. Their personalities robed in the richness of the Being of the Universe, they display their royal attributes in the same way ambassadors display medals, ribbons, and uniforms."

~Pir Vilayat Khan~
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Traditions Sufism by Frederic and Mary ann Brussat

Study and Smile to:
  • be constant in your remembrance of God through zikr (chanting)
  • learn how the Divine qualities (names) of God can be incorporated into your character
  • polish your heart to be a clearer reflection of the Divine qualities
  • increase your self-knowledge and tame your nafs (ego)
  • acknowledge that surrender to God is the starting point of faith
  • cultivate adab, courtesy and civility toward all
  • see people and events with the eye of the heart, from the perspective of Love and Unity
  • enjoy the wisdom and ecstasies of mystical poetry
  • expand your capacity for generosity and servanthood
  • follow the examples of Rumi and other Sufi saints who yearned for unity with the Beloved
  • appreciate the Sufi arts: music, dance, singing, and whirling
  • experience the benefits of spiritual conversations with a sheikh and a community
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 Christ said to the fishermen, "I will make you fishers of men.'  That meant, 'As you spread your net and fish come into it, so by being more spiritual, so by becoming more spiritual, your personality will spread in the atmosphere, and the hearts of men hungering for love will be attracted to you like fish.'  The love of Christ for the lamb expresses symbolically that the soul, which made the greatest appeal to the Master, was simple and harmless as a lamb.  The crown of thorns represents tolerance of the thorn-like personalities of which there are so many in the world, constantly pricking with their crowns, consciously or unconsciously.

It is this which makes sensitive people annoyed with life in the world.  But the messenger, whose heart represents the divine Mother and Father, cannot but be tolerant, and is able to accept willingly all the thorns that come to him, for that is his crown, the sign of his sovereignty int he kingdom of his soul.

The Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan: The Unity of Religious Ideals,
Hazrat Inayat Khan

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“Islam and Sufism are one.
Teaching that to understand Islam one must be a lover,
how can one understand Islam when the heart is empty of love.” 
~Zarina Bibi~


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