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 A Buddhist who would believe in Allah and the Day of Judgment and the Prophets...a Buddhist is welcome in the Muslim community as well as anyone else....even a pagan, a star worshiper...even a pagan, a fire worshiper, someone who worships the star, anyone who follows any religion can be a Muslim on the condition that he or she believes in Allah, his Prophets, the Day of Judgment and, in addition to that, if he performs good deeds, he is bound to enter paradise.  There are no other requirements.  This has been so since the very beginning and this will be so til the Day of Judgment and those who speak against Islam are those who don't actually know what Islam is.  

Mankind are brothers from Adam on and from Abraham on.  They've forgotten they are brothers because of different understandings of the religion.  

As we've said, who were actually brothers and sisters have been separated from each other because of different understandings and interpretations of the religion and the reason for the descent of the Holy Quran and the mission of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, is to unify all people, all creeds and erase, all differences, all major differences, in interpretation of the religion. Mankind are descendants of Adam, and they were divided into tribes, clans, nations, but Islam teaches us all that there are no basic differences between any people, between any groups of people, all equal, equal to each other.  Any superiority that can exist is in the form of being closer to Allah, obeying him.  In any other sense, there is no distinction, no superiority so to speak.

(Sheikh Muzaffer speaks of all sins being forgivable but worshiping partners with Allah & its important to note how Allah and Ma Kali were the same Divine One to Shaykh Nur/Lex Hixon).

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 The Real Beloved is the very self of love and of the lover. There is nothing prior to love. Love is the first of the first. Love is the last of the last… After everything has come to nought and perished, love still endures and will endure forever. It is eternal, and will be so for all eternity. Love is without end.
Love is an ocean. Such an ocean it is, that this sea has no bottom, no shore, no beginning, no end, and no limits…
O Lord!
Letting Your guidance escort us, offer us with Your mighty hand the drinking-glass of love, so that our hearts may never for even one moment be parted from Your love… Through divine love, Hell becomes Paradise for the lover. Love turns the fire into light. When the lover enters Paradise, he burns with your love till Paradise is like Hell for him…
O dervish calling yourself a lover!
With His love do you not whirl around? With His love do you not travel the eighteen thousand worlds? Then take to the floor and whirl with His love, address Him with love, call on Him with love!…
The eyes of the dervish who is a true lover see nothing but God; his heart knows nothing but Him. God is the eye by which he sees, the hand with which he holds, and the tongue with which he speaks.
The dervish does not stop at the names, but discovers the Named and surrenders to his Beloved. His sole concern is God, his pain is God, his remedy is God, his cure is God, his cause is God. Were he not in love, he would pass away. If his heart should be devoid of love for as much as a single moment, the dervish could not stay alive. Love is the dervish’s life, his health, his comfort. Love ruins the dervish, makes him weep; union makes him flourish, brings him to life. The dervish finds separation in union, union in separation.
In heaven—love; on earth—love; to the right—love; to the left—love; everywhere and everything is love. Love is He; the Lover He; the Beloved is He; the Loved One is He; the Dear One is He; the Friend is He. The knight of love will reach his beloved early or late. He who gives his life for love will sooner or later find his dearest. Love Him, that He may love you too. Unless He loves, you cannot love Him; unless He is seeking you, you cannot seek Him. Love your beloved, for the beloved is He; love your own true self, for your own true self is also He.
Unveiling of Love


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